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Search and Recovery Services from Catfish Diving and Salvage Company - includes metal detection

Proven search patterns and techniques are employed to conduct a consistent and systematic search of an area to locate a lost item. Actual search may originate with a witness account of LKP or GPS coordinates. Metal detectors may be used for small items or items buried in the sand.

The keys to any successful S & R operation is a good LKP (last known position) and a consistent, systematic search! Without a doubt, I have recovered more lost items with the old “tried and true” circle search than any other method. From as little as a special carburetor nut dropped overboard by a mechanic to the above sea-buoy sunk in Oregon Inlet for the USACE. Rings, bracelets, watches, wallets, prescription glasses, knives, boat brushes, tools, oxygen cylinders, sailboat mast parts, propellers, lost mooring anchors, abandoned dredge pipe just to remember a few have all been successfully recovered for the owners in years past.

2 metal detectors are on hand to find those really small or buried in the silt items.

Please scroll down the web page to view photos of some of our work...

72" stainless steel propeller lost in the ICW A/P canal off tug "Ms. Jennifer".

Car recovered for Law Enforcement.

Above pickup was located and recovered from Gardner's Creek in 2003.

The above seabuoy sank and was lost the day after it was placed in service. We were called in by the USACE to locate and attach cables for recovery.

500lb mushroom anchor located and brought to dock in 2002.

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