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Mechanical Repair Services from Catfish Diving and Salvage Company

Practically anything that can be done on dry land can also be done underwater. Most common are prop, shaft, and cutlass bearing changes to yachts suffering from grounding damage. I carry a full assortment of tools with me at all times to cover 90% of required tasks including pullers to handle 3 ½” shafts, hydraulic rams to 50 tons, pneumatic drills and grinders, etc.

Please scroll down the web page to view photos of some of our work...

A 4 foot kort-nossel is not enough room for a 200lb "Catfish" and a 3 1/2 foot bull shark.

42" propeller being installed on USACE vessel "SNELL".

Catfish with 200 lb. 37" propeller changed at Wanchese, NC after cutting out 3/4 " steel cable wrapped around wheel.

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